Benjamin received his massage therapy degree in 2006, a year after obtaining his BFA and completing the first of his commissioned life-size bronze sculptures.

“The anatomical studies of massage therapy and creating figurative artwork harmonize nicely…Relationships mean everything to me…all that matter, and are almost all that matter is. People often feel intimately touched by portraits, and mindful massage in effect has similar affect—heartfelt personal connection.”

Benjamin’s massage techniques combine Body-Patterning, Lomilomi† and Vedic Thai to focus on muscle fiber restoration at any depth/pressure, neuromuscular homeostasis and postural revision, while conducting in concert stretching, lymph drainage and myofascial release.

†Lomi (routinely repeated “lomilomi” for emphasis) is a time-honored Hawaiian massage, and an extensive modality evolving over hundreds of years in isolated valleys throughout the island chain. In Ben’s Lomi practice his fingers, palms, forearms, and elbows create a flow of seamless and seemingly continuous, luxurious strokes.